ITOI Akane ‘Tanabata’ June 30, 2023


“Tanabata” is out now.

ITOI Akane 'Tanabata'

Music: ITOI Akane
Arrange: ITOI Akane

EAN 4573529370443


ITOI Akane says: The theme of this work is “Milky Way”.
In the first half, I expressed the time when the stars rise the most, a little anxiety that night is about to begin, and the lights of warm houses in the distance.
From the middle to the latter half, I imagined the darkness of the sky deepening at once and stars emerging in the twinkling of an eye.
I would be happy if you could feel the intensity of the heat-tinted light that sparkles in the inorganic tones and feel your thoughts toward the Milky Way.

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ITOI Akane

ITOI Akane