Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Vocal, Key / Sensu Planet
Rap, MPC / Osier
Guitar / Beach Yunko
Guitar, Percussion, Chorus / Uncle Gee
Bass / Bandado
Drums / Ratasukey

Soul/R&B band with 1 Singer, 1 MC from Tokyo.
Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish, also known as SPHF.
The common roots of the members are 70’s and 80’s soul music such as Kool & The Gang, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Bee Gees.
Singer/songwriter Sensu Planet says, “I wish there was a planet where only sensitive and kind people lived. Music that reaches such people. The band started their music career with the name Sensu ( fan), which is a Japanese word for Sensitive and has a good omen.
In 2019, he met Uncle Gee and started working on a series of songs,
Sensu Planet and other members with common roots in soul and R&B gathered to form Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish (SPHF).
Longing for the soul bands of the past, the name of the band took the form of Singer & The Band.
Each member has a wide range of musical tastes, covering other genres such as city pop, disco, funk, garage rock, and hip-hop.
The common denominator among the members is “soul music.
The source of our musical impulse is to express our joys, cries, and feelings by playing our souls with respect for roots music.
We hope that our soul, which walks on the history of music, can create sounds that accompany the activities of people living in the present.
SPHF delivers delicate and mellow soul music full of soul love.



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