As a guitarist, he has supported many bands and artists. She is involved in music production and recording of various genres, mainly in pop music. Currently, she is producing
music and supporting Yui Kawamura, the former Idoling!!! Yui Kawamura’s music production and live support and many other musical activities.

Born in Chiba, Japan
Hobbies and special skills: Watching movies
Music I listen to a lot: Soul, Funk Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, Paul Jackson jr.,Larry Carlton, Jun Kajiwara, etc.


Compilation album
“I Believe”
tr.7 “Hikarino sakie/linne” Guitar playing, arranging
tr.11 “Fuyuno oto /Aoi” Composition, Arrangement, Guitar Playing

wing/Anri Minami (ex.Bakusute Sotokanda 1-chome)
kensan entertainment
tr.1 Wing Composition, arrangement, guitar playing

Ikanaide / Rina Harada Clip music entertainment
tr.1 Ikanaide Arrangement, guitar playing

swim/Mai Ujiie
Aila record
tr.2 blow
Arrangement, guitar playing

Musical “museum” / Amamyu Company
Insertion song Arrangement, guitar playing participation

Starting point/Elly Melon
tr.1 goodbye my sweet bathroom
2. Othello
3. Girl T
4. broken tears Arrangement, guitar playing

In 2019, we will start supporting live game-based games such as Koihime Musou.

Works as a guitarist

Masayuki Kusumi / Hiroyuki Satoh (ex. Hikaru Genji) / Yui Kawamura (ex. Idoling!!!) / Airots / Asato Minami (ex. Bakusute Sotokanda 1-chome) / Sasayama Taiyo / Dosukoibeya / Kabaogoriyamada / Risa Nagatomo / Elly Melon / Yamamoto Chiaki / Kouyamoyu / Naze Natsumi, etc. She is also involved in supporting a number of artists, including live performances by game companies such as Koihime Musou and Imys.



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