AshMellow 'Forever' July 28, 2023


"Forever" is out now.

Forever - AshMellow

Lyrics: AshMellow
Music: hazelmusic
Arrange: HIEDA

EAN 4573529370467

About the Music

In a life of many encounters and partings, that parting that will come someday may be sudden, and no matter how painful that parting may be, partings are a part of life,
When we spend our days frantically, we tend to overlook such obvious things.
Therefore, this song is about meeting the people you want to meet, expressing your feelings to the people you love, expressing gratitude to your family, cherishing the present moment, and cherishing every day until it is your turn to come someday.
I hope this song will be a small help to those who are going through a difficult time like me. (AshMellow)

AshMellow's new song is a song about cherishing the moment with a summery tune about a painful breakup. Please check it out.

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PROFILE RAPPER | SINGER | SONGWRITER Born in Osaka, Japan. She started dancing when she was in the 4th grade of elementary school, and after working as a dancer in her hometown Osaka since her school days, she started her career as an idol in Tokyo.She won second place in Japan in a global audition for a distribution app, and became a signature model in Harajuku, Tokyo, and Hongdae, Korea.After about 2 years of idol activities, she is currently based in Osaka and also works as a dancer. News Playlist Contact us For live performance and interview requests, please contact ...


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