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ITOI Akane Single 'The Conference of the Birds' September 15 Release !

ITOI Akane will release the single 'The Conference of the Birds' for distribution on September 15, 2023!

The Conference of the Birds - ITOI Akane

Lyrics: ITOI Akane
Music: ITOI Akane
Arrange: ITOI Akane

EAN 4573529370474

About the Music

I wrote this song inspired by the picture book "The Conference of the Birds" by Peter Sis.
While the composition is very simple and continues peacefully, I depicted each of the seven valleys in the story as the main focus.
The postlude is about the answer to the question after a long journey.
For me, the encounter with the poem "The Conference of the Birds" was very intense.
I was also attracted to the world of Peter Sisu, who expressed it softly and tenderly.
I am glad that I was able to interpret it in my own way and tell The Conference of the Birds as a new story. (ITOI Akane)

The song will be available on iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and other famous music distribution stores.

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ITOI Akane

PROFILE SONGWRITER | ARRANGER She has been performing as a singer-songwriter mainly at live houses in Kobe since 2006, and in 2010, she performed her first live concert in London, UK with her band "The Ventz". In 2010, she played her first live concert with her band "The Ventz" in London, UK. While working under the name "ItoiAkane", she is also active as a composer, writing, recording and editing songs. News PLAYLIST Contact us Please contact us from here for requests for music production and interviews.


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