Introducing shoegaze (Part 2) | written by ITOI Akane

Toegazer - ITOI Akane
Toegazer – ITOI Akane

As part of the “toegazer” release project, I have written an article entitled “My influences in shoegaze”.
To begin with, what is shoegaze?
I guess it means a song with a roaring guitar sound and sweet melodies with ambiguous vocals.
I have always been attracted to ambiguous things and blurred worlds, and I think I have arrived at this through my own personality.
Shoegaze” is a genre that I deeply love and that has formed the roots of my music.
I will try to delve into that music with words this time.

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“Shoegazers” from various countries

From here, I would like to take a short break from the royal shoegaze of the past and introduce shoegaze that has been passed down in various countries.

Supercar – PLANET

Let’s start with Japan.
Supercar is often associated with the electro sound of the latter half of their career, but their first album “Three Out Change” is a shoegaze piece that is full of guitar noise throughout.
This song was one of my favorites even before I met my bloody valentine, so perhaps my love for shoegaze was created from this album.

Asobi Seksu – Gliss

This one is from the United States.
They are a so-called “newgaze” band derived from shoegaze.
This song has more of a dream pop color than a roaring guitar sound, and I felt it was very new, including the background of the times when various genres of music are harmonizing with electro.
Also, the mix of Japanese and English lyrics was very new to me.

Ringo Deathstarr – Two Girls

This one is also from the American Newgazer.
Bassist/Vo. Alex Gehring’s sweet voice is very impressive in this one.
I think their first album “Colour Trip” is one of the albums that established a new rock genre, with a POP sound, following shoegaze until now.
And what’s more, they often come to Japan, so it is easy to go to a live concert to listen to shoegaze! I think they are the No.1 band that you can easily go to a LIVE to listen to shoegaze.

Disco Anti Napoleon – Superhero

Disco Anti Napoleon is a shoegaze band from France.
I listened to their first album “Ascent” at a CD store when it was first released and bought it as soon as I could.
Unfortunately, they have not released any more albums after this one in 2014, but when I learned of their existence, I was very impressed that “there is a shoegaze band in France too! I remember I was very impressed when I learned of their existence.
This song is characterized by the heavy use of synths, and I thought “shoegaze” meant roaring guitars! I love the fact that the synths are so insistent, and yet they match perfectly with the sound of the song.

The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

The Haunted Youth is a young Belgian shoegaze band.
I got to know them through Iceland Airwaves in 2023.
I was immediately captivated by their simple and warm music, which was honest and straightforward, without any embellishments.
In one of their interviews, they said, “The Belgian music scene is really hot right now! I wanted to find out more about the Belgian music scene.

These are the 10 “shoegaze songs that have influenced me” that I have carefully selected.
I would be very happy if you are interested in shoegaze even a little after reading this article.
And “toegazer” was influenced by these great songs.
I hope it will be like a signpost to show someone where to go, just like “shoegazer” is to me.


Introducing shoegaze (Part 1)

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Toegazer - ITOI Akane


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