enlightenment 'Turntable' Music Video released December 21, 2022

enlightenment 'Turntable'

enlightenment has released a music video for the citypop-like "Turntable" from their album "Orgiastic".

Lyrics: YATABE Banri
Music: YATABE Banri

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Click here for the lyrics. (in japanese)

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Album 'Orgiastic'


Album Info

enlightenment "Orgiastic"
enlightenment "Orgiastic" November 25, 2022

RELEASE "Orgiastic" is out now. This is the third full album.Vocalist Yatabe himself says, "I think the sound has become more 'bare'. I want to drive people out of their downbeat lives by listening to this album. That's what I want to do. Yatabe himself says, "I want to drive people out of their downcast lives by listening to this album. Lyrics : YATABE Banri(except 4 Nose Wings :Monz)Music : YATABE Banri Tokyo Turntable Hazukizemi Nose Wings How's Tonight? Crazy North Gerber Puffs Perhaps Fucked Up Song Sheep Bones ©2022 TF CreativeWorks℗2022 TF CreativeWorksClick here for the lyrics (in Japanese) ...



PROFILE enlightenment A band project of vocalist YATABE Banri , the group started its activities in Sendai in 2020, moved its base to Tokyo in 2021, and released its first mini-album "kinetic" on September 1 of the same year. The song "Tora" from the album "BLASTIC" became the ending theme for BS Asahi's "Teiban Times," attracting attention for its high musical quality. Contact us For live performance and interview requests, please contact us here.


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