Mudtype ‘Aura’ December 23, 2022


“Aura” is out now.

Aura - Mudtype

Music:  Mudtype


Madtype says: “Everyone has unique characteristics such as individuality and strengths.
In other words, all human beings are geniuses.
It looks like a bunch of hot guys and gals twilighting by the beach in the evening, but it’s hard to get a sense of familiarity, so it ends up being a bit of a tacky pops. However, whether this is considered tacky or originality is up to you.
There is a distortion that ordinary pop music cannot bring out, and you can either find hope for tomorrow in the hazy worldview, or give up and go to sleep. The overwhelming uniqueness of the music makes you question common sense.
There is no answer to the herd. Laugh at the safe.

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