TANAKA Mitsuaki October 19 Rainbow Town FM “Synchro to Shin Amami !” ×Tower Records collaboration event appearance

Date and time of the event
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 13:00-15:00

A place to go
Tower Records Kinshi-cho PARCO Store In-store Event Space

Starring Akira Hirata, Nami Makioka, ORICA, TANAKA Mitsuaki Special Guest / Chazu

Event Schedules
13:00 – Akira Hirata, ORICA, TANAKA Mitsuaki 13:40 – Autograph session
15:00 – Akira Hirata, Nami Makioka 15:40 – Signing session
16:00 – Chazu Sign session (13:00 – Live painting behind the stage)

How to participate
On the day of the event, customers who purchase CDs and products will be asked to sign autographs after the concert.

Products eligible for the event
Akira Hirata Oct.19 release new score
Performers CD
Illustrator Chazu’s husband and a little away from the island life

There are no lockers or cloakes in the venue. Please manage your baggage at your own risk.
Eating and drinking in the store is prohibited.
There is a case that there is a change or cancellation of the contents of the event due to circumstances. Please understand in advance.

Contact: Tower Records Kinshi-cho PARCO 03-6659-9381 (10:00-21:00)