TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki April 16 Event Appearance Information!!

On Tuesday, April 16, she will appear in "Nostagic Night" in Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT.

April 16 (Tue) Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT

momoko pre. Nosalgic Night - What You Wanted to Tell Me"

OPEN 18:00/START 19:00
CHARGE: 2,000+1D

Performed by
TANAKA Mitsuaki / Chiaki / Spice of Peace / Kanami / chanu / Masaya Maruoka / Masayuki Sato

Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT http://homepage3.gourmet.coocan.jp/

This event has been closed.

-TANAKA Mitsuaki