Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish ‘Space Love’

Space Love

“Space Love” is out now.

Space Love - Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Lyrics: Osier, Sensu Planet
Music: Sensu Planet
Arrange: Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

EAN: 4573529370566


A love song about a person you have feelings for on a spaceship far from earth.
Soul, Rock, Hiphop, Jazz…
We have refined the roots of the song and played nostalgic sounds with a slightly higher heat level than normal.
We hope you enjoy the delicate and soulful “sound of the blue planet”.

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Click here for lyrics. (in japanese)

Available on iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and other major music retailers🎧 ( Available for spatial audio as well)


Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish