Short narrative of a music lover Vol.20 In Memoriam Joey DeFrancesco

Short narrative of a music lover Vol.20    In Memoriam Joey DeFrancesco

My Favorite CD

Joey DeFrancesco has passed away. He was only 51 years old. Too young. (Younger than me…). I couldn’t hear his live performance. I really wanted to hear him. This time, in memoriam of Joey DeFrancesco, I’d like to introduce some songs focusing on the organ.

Let’s start with this song.

One hundred ways – Joey DeFrancesco

I think Joey must have really loved this song. I think you can find a live performance of this song on the Internet. He looks like he is really enjoying playing. It really cheers me up to see them. I feel that an organ is somewhat like a toy, and a big guy like Joey, with a sweaty forehead, is seriously playing with it. That’s what I like about it. I think this song is full of that kind of organ fun.
Next is a live album with Mr. Stoic Pat Martino. In the case of jazz, a trio of guitar, organ, and drums is a common pattern, and there are many great performances of this kind, but this tense live performance is absurdly cool!

Mac Tough – Pat Martino

When I ask “who is a jazz organist,” almost everyone thinks of this guy. I guess you can’t miss him. Let’s listen to this song that he played with Kenny Burrell. Is this jazz or blues?

Blue Bash ! – Jimmy Smith

Next up is this guy who I personally listen to more often than Jimmy Smith. This one is also a trio with Grant Green.

Jumpin’ Jupiter – Baby Face Willett

The organ and guitar always makes the jazz bluesy sound much more intense. In a way, it is much more blues than the soft B.B. King!

Now, let’s move on to some cool organ rock and soul songs.

Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan

When a man loves a woman – Percy Sledge

The house of the rising sun – Animals

Burn – Deep Purple

The Genetic Method  Chest Fever – The Band

As usual, here is my song at the end. I can’t play the organ, so it’s not included, but I would love to have an organ on this song. I wish someone plays an organ in this song.

Kaneko’s Song of the Day

You are my sunshine sometimes   Lyrics: KANEKO Chalin

Oh it will be worse, darlin’
just like a curse
of north wood birds
in dark with dirt
What’s your next cards?
full broken words
and stolen hearts
Oh you are really smart
I didn’t mean to hurt you
The way you say makes me frustrate
I was just trying to help you
I know it but just need “it’s OK”
You are sometimes pain
sometimes paid
sometimes rain
sometimes shade
sometimes slow
sometimes friend
sometimes snow
sometimes wind
Almost all time we have to run
We can make us live little fun
You are sometimes sun
You are my sunshine sometimes

Baby I feel good
But you don’t look
You are reading a book
about arranging strange rocks
Midnight coughing
Midnight sobbing
Midnight drinking
You pose everything is nothing