Short narrative of a music lover Vol.19 Bang Bang – Joe Cuba

Short narrative of a music lover Vol.19 Bang Bang - Joe Cuba

My Favorite CD

Hot! Too too too hot! I’m basically ride a bike to anywhere, so tanned like a high school baseball player this time of year, but the other day when I rode my bike in the daytime, it was so hot that my brain almost melted. I felt like I couldn’t get any air, no matter how hard I breathed in. So, I decided that it was no use listening to cool music at a time like this, so I kept trying to think of music that would melt my brain. Here are some of the songs that came to mind at that time.

First, let’s start with this brain-melting song that seems to loosen every screw in my body a little bit each time I am struck by the backbeat.

Eastern Standard Time – the Skatalites

But as tragic as Don Drummond’s life is, there is nothing like the trombone to melt your brain.

Next, from jazz. At any rate, when I listen to it, I can’t think about anything else. In a way, it’s almost like meditation, this live performance.

C Jam Blues – Charles Mingus

Sorry, this is a song of melting brain, but this song definitely raised the temperature in the room. All the horn players taking solos are doing well enough, but Roland Kirk melts all brains. It is an overwhelming sound. Not because it relieves your body from the heat. It’s like that feeling of losing your body and entering another world.

Next up is this song that I don’t understand how it can be played, as if each joint moves with a separate will, and I can’t understand the structure even after listening to it many times.

Frownland – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

But it’s cool. Why is that? Am I crazy?

Next, let’s start with progressive rock. The most brain-melting group in the progressive rock world. This odd time signature and strange melodies and harmonies that I don’t know what world they came from.

Just the Same – Gentle Giant

I don’t think they sold well, but I think they have a great pop sense in the progressive rock world that would be passed on to the XTC.. For some reason, this music saved my life many times when I was personally depressed. Am I crazy after all?

Next is this song.The keyboard sound of the keyboard “Po-Pee” surely melts your brain.

Cross the Track (We Better Go Back) – Maceo and the Macks

I feel like I’m getting closer to meditation when I keep listening to this one. However. They all really really played cool and tight.
Lastly, I thought of Thelonious Monk, but I think I’ve introduced them too many times, so I pick up FANIA. I don’t know how many people were playing, but I could tell that a lot of sweat was splashing around. If you are surrounded by these bongos, congas, and incomprehensible shouts, you will probably get much hotter than the heat of the outside and forget about the heat.

Bang Bang – Joe Cuba

Lastly, as usual, here is my song. It was so hot that I decided to write a cool song. This song probably won’t melt your brain, but it will cool you down properly.

Kaneko’s Song of the Day

In your eyes two moons   Lyrics: KANEKO Chalin

In your eyes two moons
in the early June
Surrounding million stars at the top of dune
I wanna kiss your kiss

In your eyes two moons
in the midnight soon
Ancient tune a nowhere bird croons
Every grain of sands prays our bliss

walking down like forever, everything but you has gone
I hold you closer and closer as the number of sands I step on

Even if grains of sands have a limit
Forever flood grains of our tears
Even if stars will fall and this sky will splits
I will catch you and nobody can break our hearts apart

In your eyes two boys
They cannot hide
Straight from their hearts, love with no ploy
We don’t need no guide

In my eyes two girls
They cannot hide
Love with no ploy and straight from their hearts
We don’t need no guide