ITOI Akane ‘hide and seek’ Official Visualiser released March 25, 2023

ITOI Akane ‘hide and seek’

The world view of “hide and seek” was released as an Official Visualiser.

Music: ITOI Akane

©2021 TF CreativeWorks
℗2021 TF CreativeWorks


It is now available on ITOI Akane’s channel on YouTube.


The theme of this piece, “Hide and Seek in the Forest,” was inspired by a winter forest park in Europe, where the contrast between fallen leaves and green shadows is clear. There is darkness in spite of the fine weather, and an uneasy feeling that the forest might swallow you up if you hide quietly and breathlessly. The cold winter wind. These scenes and the air you feel on your skin are expressed in this work.

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ITOI Akane

ITOI Akane