TANAKA Mitsuaki September 9 – September 13 Radio Appearance Information

From Monday, September 9 to Friday, September 13, guests will appear on 5 community FM stations in Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan)!

TANAKA Mitsuaki will continue to make guest appearances on five community FM stations in Shizuoka Prefecture for a week in July.

September 9 (Monday) “Yuraji Suna Raji” (Shizuoka FM-Hi!) 16:30-18:30 Live

September 10 (Tue.) “Twilight Beach” (Numazu, COST-FM) 16:00-19:00 Live

September 11 (Wed.) “g-sky Evening JAM” (Shimada, g-sky76.5) 16:30-19:00 Live

September 12 (Thursday) “Fujiyama sunset” (Gotemba, Mt. Fuji GOGO FM) 16:30-19:00 live broadcast

Friday, September 13th, “Music Rainbow” (Atami Yugawara FMCiao!) 14:00-15:00 Live

On September 10th, “Twilight Beach” will be held in the studio by TANAKA Mitsuaki!

On September 9th, September 11th and 13th, you will be on the phone.

People outside the range can also listen to the broadcast on the Internet!

“Shizuoka FM-Hi! “Numazu-COST-FM”, “Shimada, g-sky76.5”, “Gotemba, Mt. Fuji GOGO FM” is here.

JCBA Japan Community Broadcasting Corporation
Access the Internet Simal Radio
Select “Tokai area” and click “LISTEN” of the station name.

“Atami Yugawara FMCiao! Click here for more information.

From Lisraj, radio channel selection station,
Select a national radio station and click on Ciao!
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