Short narrative of a music lover Vol.3 Traveler – THE BLUE HEARTS

Short narrative of a music lover Vol.3 Traveler - THE BLUE HEARTS

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When was it that the fuse ignited?
Was it when I was a junior high school kid or before I was born?
I loved the record. like gunpowder on the verge of explosion

My first hero was Bruce Springsteen.
One American with a bandana wrapped was shouting, “I was born in the USA” as his zoomed face was likely to jump out from TV. It was the baptism of rock and roll for me. It was the moment when it was explosion instead of being lit the fuse of a a junior high school kid who had been living in a daze, unable to get absorbed in anything, . Since then, my life has kept on being merged with music and rock and roll. Boss’ (Bruce Springsteen) album “Born To Run”, which I heard then was right a cluster of energy. My days were fueled by the heat of rock and roll. I’m like growing up eating rock and roll.
The lyrics at the beginning are from a song called “Traveler” written by Mr. Hiroto Komoto of The Blue Hearts. I don’t know of any other lyrics that so beautifully express the heart of a person who loves music. So, let’s start with this song.


My song that I introduce last is a hommage to Bruce Springsteen and to all American music. In it a lot of musicians that I love appear, so please read the lyrics and try to find out who appear in the song.
First, this song by the Boss. My lyrics are “Bruce led me play guitar,” which was influenced by the Boss’s lyrics, “Well I got this guitar and I learned how to make it talk.”

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

One more song by the musician appear in the lyrics. Please enjoy his howling, nowadays which is rarely played on the radio and rarely heard. I tried to imitate his howling a few times, but I could only sing like yodeling. I’ve heard that he tried to imitate Jimmy Rodgers’ yodel, but all he got was a roar. I wonder if that’s true. Who is I am talking about, Howlin’ Wolf.

Moanin’ At Midnight – Howlin’Wolf

He was a big guy over 190cm, and if he sang right in front of, I think most people would run away. But is it just me who feel the way Hubert Sumlin distorted his guitar in this song influenced straight to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath? They changed much from the original song but here is a Led Zeppelin’s song based on Wolf’s “Killing Floor”.

Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin

Lastly, here is my song. I know that America has many problems, but I love America because it is the country that gave birth to rock and roll.

Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin

America (the place rock and roll was born)
Lyrics: Kaneko Chalin

I’ve been grown eating Hamburgers
I’ve been grown drinking Cola
I did not like so much a mouse as a Hollywood star

I’ve been grown eating rock and roll
I am still haunted by three chords
Yes I am still dreaming to the mixed cultured hall

I never fire cannon burn
I don’t have any guns
I am not something like America
But I wanna walk with you as a bro

Wolf howled me so scared
Bruce led me play guitars
I have been grown eating great rock and roll

I can‘t understand Bob almost
Otis made me fall in love and lost
I have been grown eating great rock and roll

I shouted with James’ horn
I flied with BIRD on 52nd home
I have been grown eating great rock and roll

Playing piano with Billy and Ray
Doc took me to music born place
I have been grown eating great rock and roll

The place rock and roll was born