Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish ‘Crystal Wave’

Crystal Wave

“Crystal Wave” is out now.

Crystal Wave - Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Lyrics: Osier, Sensu Planet
Music: Sensu Planet
Arrange: Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

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Sensu Planet says: Filled with light, waves reflect light.
A man and woman live as if drifting between those waves.
Here, the two sing from each other’s point of view in the first and second verses, depicting their happy days together.
It seems to be a world of dreams and a pale utopia.
Music can confine those feelings.
This song is about the unchanging feelings for the one you love.
My favorite lyrics in this song are the following
“The one thing that never changes
Is your love for me.”
The feelings I have for my loved ones
I think that my feelings for my loved ones may have been a part of what made me write this song and this lyric.
In that sense
I feel as if I am writing lyrics by myself, but
Even if I feel as if I am living alone
But in some way, people influence each other and form who they are.
The good and the bad of who you are. 
Your partner, your best friend, your friends, your family,
All the people and things that a person lives and touches are connected to form the person they are.
This is what makes a person human.
This idea is one of the sources of my sense of life that I want to cherish not only the person but also his/her family, friends, and the people around him/her.
And by extension, not only the things that can be seen, but also the things that cannot be seen.
I think it is also connected to this concept of valuing one’s roots.
With this thought in mind
We spun and layered the sounds together as if we were making crystals.
The song is arranged in a summery, city-pop style.
We deliver “happy days of two people and our feelings for you” to everyone.

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Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish

Sensu Planet & The Howling Fish