[Release Schedule] SUMINO Anne ‘Night Driving’ April 12, 2024

SUMINO Anne will release the single “Night Driving” on April 12!

Night Driving - SUMINO Anne

Lyrics: SUMINO Anne
Music: SUMINO Anne
Arrange: CHIDA Kyohei

EAN: 4573529370603


SUMINO Anne says: The song was created with the image of “a song you can play while driving in the middle of the night.
I created this song with the image of ‘a song that you can play on your drive in the middle of the night. It is a song about getting out of your daily routine and taking some time out to reconnect with yourself.
It is a groovy soul music with a good tempo that makes you feel as if you are heading somewhere from the city highway, so please listen to it.

It will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and other major music outlets on April 12🎧 ( Available for spatial audio as well)

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