[Release Schedule] ITOI Akane ‘ECG’ March. 22, 2024

ITOI Akane will release the single “ECG” on March 22!

ECG - ITOI Akane

Music: ITOI Akane
Arrange: ITOI Akane

EAN: 4573529370597


ITOI Akane says: The theme of this album is “Return to the Womb.
I created this work with the image of floating comfortably in a state of ambiguous existence, wrapped in warmth.
In the womb, the blurred sounds of the outside world and the sound of one’s own heartbeat heard deep within the ear.
I expressed my awareness of the mystery of harmony between the world and my own existence.”

It will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and other major music outlets on March 22🎧

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ITOI Akane

ITOI Akane