[Release Schedule] SUMINO Anne ‘Toki-Meki’ October 27, 2023

SUMINO Anne will distribute and release her single “Toki-Meki” on October 27!

 Toki-Meki - SUMINO Anne

Lyrics: SUMINO Anne, hazelmusic
Music: SUMINO Anne
Arrange: MIZUNO Haruma

EAN: 4573529370504


SUMINO Anne says: Toki-Meki is a song that grew out of a clock (time).
It is inspired by the feeling that as you go through time with your loved ones, at a certain point you can think, “We have walked so far together”.
It is a song that I want to sing not only for the people who are important to me, but also for the people who will be listening with me when I sing on a big stage someday.

It will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and other famous music distribution stores. ( Available for spatial audio as well)

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